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Here is a free Java based blackjack game which you can play online on Blackjack Center. When you click on the 'Play Blackjack' button below a new window will open in your browser. After the game loads, I recommend that you return to the basic strategy section and refer back to it when playing the game. Remember, to be a winner at blackjack you must learn and use basic strategy. Below are the instructions on how to play. Note that the default is for the player to play 2 hands. If you want to play just one hand, simply uncheck the box marked 'Play 2 hands'.

Once you master basic strategy, go ahead and make a trip to the local casino. Or try one of the Internet based casinos which are advertised on this web site. Their are many online casinos on the Internet, but I will personally vouch for the ones advertised on Blackjack Center. I play them often, and not only are the games fair, I have always been paid my winnings!


        Play 1 or 2 hands.
        2 hands must bet at least twice the minimum.

        Place bets by clicking the chip denominations you want to bet.
        (click the blank if no chips of a certain denomination are present)
        Right click chips to cancel bet.

        The current hand has a box around it.

        Hit--Click cards.
        Stand--Click bet.  (Chips in box)
        Double or Split--click any denomination chip. (Chips below box)
        (Pairs will split, except 5's, which will double)
        Surrender--Right click cards.

        The shoe is represented in the upper right and shows
        the cards remaining and the shuffle point.